Our logo is our identity

The logos

Scottie with the Netto logo is our main brand. The trademark with Scottie is Netto’s standard logo. With the yellow stroke, the logo is very robust and easy to read from a distance on virtually all backgrounds. The Logo on a yellow background can be used for placement on a cluttered background/environment, in order to optimize the readability. Limited use.

Scottie may be used as a short version of the Netto logo. It is a key visual for the Netto brand. It can be used in very small sizes or in other contexts, whenever there is a special reason for using it. Always show the trademark on the basket when Scottie appears alone – unless the size of the logo is very small.

The trademark without Scottie can be used in very small sizes or if ’s name is to be included in a text, where the brand character has to shine through.

The Excusion Zone

The logotype must be reproduced with a clear area around it. The protective zone is shown here as 50% of the logo height