The story of Scottie

The Scottish terrier Scottie was born on the 1st of October 1992, 11 and a half year after the first Netto opened with a dog-less logo. Legend has it that it was a designer at an advertising agency, who came up with the idea for the logo on a night out, and sketched the first draft on a napkin. Today, Scottie is one of the most recognized logos in Denmark.

There were three reasons why it ended up being Scottie. In the past, Scotsmen had a reputation for being thrifty, and Netto is exactly for those who do not just squander their money. This is why the Scottish terrier delivers the right message. At the same time, dogs are popular among the general public, and if anyone were to have a popular image, it should be Netto, which is for everyone, as we all know. In addition, it turns out that the dog was very well suited for being reproduced in a simple and striking logo.

Today Scottie is synonymous with Netto. There is a clear link and recognition between Scottie and Netto – like what the apple is for Apple. Therefore, every time you change Scottie you change what we are and what we stand for.